Soak in His Word

So after spending my journey to work, from work and lunch break listening to Proverbs on my phone’s audio bible. I’ve realised the continual need to bask in His presence and continue on a pursuit to become more like Christ. We all as christians should want to be more like christ, His thoughts, character, wisdom, love and power are all things we should be yearning for. I mean, the name ‘christians’ was given because of how much Jesus’ followers resembled Him! So what’s the point of being a christian if the goal isn’t to become christlike?  Continue reading “Soak in His Word”

Association can cause problems

This morning I’ve been reading the story of Jonah and there is one point in the story that I felt the need to share.

Once Jonah had paid to get on a boat to Nineveh, the sea went haywire and got all the crew on his boat afraid. Meanwhile Jonah was in the inner part of the boat sleeping! The thing I find interesting about this is that the crew men could have potentially lost their lives for associating with the wrong person. Continue reading “Association can cause problems”

Water Walkers

I don’t know about you but the closer I get to God the less I feel like I know and the more I’m curious.  Today while in worship I closed my eyes and saw myself on water with my arms stretched out to Jesus and slowly walking towards Him. It was a beautiful moment, one I wish I saw for longer but my door creaked like it was opening and I got distracted. After I realised it was just the wind I closed my eyes and try to go back to that imagine but couldn’t quite do it. Not like it was before.

I ended up spending some time in prayer, praying against any distractions in my life that are causing me to lose focus and faith. Continue reading “Water Walkers”

Spring Cleaning In September

Not sure if this happens to a lot of people, but usually there are some signs that show up in my life when I’m loosing focus from God. One of those is the state of my room. Not sure why, but it always is. Maybe it’s because my room is my place of prayer.

Well, Although I think it’s important to have a clean environment (for productivity) this post is more about keeping our spiritual house clean! In a previous post I compared our bodies with a Den of Thieves or a Temple and today is about taking the right steps to cleaning that temple. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning In September”

Idol worship is easier than we think

Today I asked myself a question, Which would I rather have? Hundreds of millions that I could be generous with and help a lot of people, or a relationship with God? At the thought of having such a large amount of money, giving money to friends and family to buy their homes, providing great thing for my family and going on many holidays to enjoy the world our God has made, I got excited and very happy. I noticed I had nowhere near as much positive emotion when I thought of my relationship with God. This bothered me. Continue reading “Idol worship is easier than we think”


Today all I can say is, I’m Thankful. Reflecting on my day, from the moment I took my first breath, to being able to write this blog. I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for healthy legs I used to climb down the ladder of my bunk bed this morning. The arms that I used to stretch as I made my way to the bathroom. The toilet, the sink, the bath, the shower, taps, tiles, windows. I’m Thankful. Continue reading “Thankful”